Love is a many splendid thing as the song interprets it. We do have our own ways of defining this feeling and emotion. We have our own ways of expressing and showing it to our love ones and to those dear to us. It is undeniably a term with lots of meanings or definitions. Now, how do Latin people celebrate Valentine’s Day? You should agree that each country has their own way of keeping it a day of love, flowers and chocolates as it’s commonly known for.

Where the origin of Valentine’s Day does come from? Can someone tell about it? Do you know the history of it? Some say it started in the ancient Roman days when they have this Fertility festival of Lupercalia. Others claim, it is just the perfect day to sell flowers, chocolates and love cards! Oh, dear, there must be something more to this day.

Saint Valentine (Latin, Valentinus) is the patron saint of love as considered by many but still remain in question is the identity of Valentine as resources about his vita is limited. But nothing can stop the people to a lot a day for him on February 14 as a day of love and passion. Certainly, Valentines in Latin America is not quite different from other countries though they do it by exchanging red flowers, balloons, and anything heart-shaped stuffs that are colored red. That’s in Mexico, folks!

So do you plan out something different on February 14? Are you thinking of a Latin Valentine? Here are some juicy stuff that might help you set for a romantic or say a different sexy way of spending the night with love and passion with you sweetheart. El Dia de los Novios/Dia de San Valentin (Spanish for Valentine’s Day) is near! Do you consider having a Latin Valentines? Simply, having a sweet, spicy typical dinner would do. Here are some suggestions you could take to have a Latin Valentine dinner date:

For the food, you may come up with something ethnic. Hot and spicy perhaps. Go over those Latin recipes and try to make your own version of it. At least, it has your personal touch. You may search online and note those sensual recipes. It could boost something after you ate dinner with your lover. Try some Puerto Rican food as an option.


As for your drinks, you can have wine/champagne of course! Try to serve tequila (famous Mexican drink) or pisco from Chile or any Latin drink of your choice. If you’re a fan of Margaritas, then make sure it’s a choice as well of your partner. It should be a great toast for two people who are romantically in love with each other.

You can play a slow, sexy and romantic genre of any Latin music. If you are familiar with RUMBA, try to mimic the moves. It’s kinda sexy for you and your partner to dance with it. Show your prowess in the dance floor, just the two of you. After dancing and making your night out after dinner, you may try to watch a movie, VALENTINE’S DAY starred by Pretty Woman star, Julia Roberts and other co-stars like Jamie Fox, Jessica Alba, Taylor Lautner (Jacob in Twilight) and many more. You may watch the trailer here.

Oopps! Don’t forget those scented candles! It adds a romantic feel to it. Or maybe writing a short Spanish poem will make your lover giggle and kiss will be your prize! It could be more than that! Now, you can have a Latin Valentine date!