The Puerto Rican cuisine is one of the most delightful menus that one could taste. It is a blend of ingredients, recipes, cultures and food set up. It has its roots in Spanish and Caribbean cuisine but it has its own distinct style and taste. Will be featuring five palatable dishes to delight your taste buds this holiday season!

1. Mofongo

If is a famous dish in Puerto Rico. It is a concoction of mashed plantain, food seasonings, and fillings such as shrimps, steaks, pork, vegetables, etc. You can find it at any Puerto Rican restaurant, sidewalk food stalls, or the locals themselves might have their own recipe version of it.

2. Lechon/Roasted Pig

This is a very irresistible delicacy that you have to experience eating it. It’s a popular festive pork dish known as roasted suckling pig. You can have it sweet or spicy or a combo of both flavor options. You may visit Guavate where they have a place called, Ruta del Lechón, a popular lechon territory where the best tasting lechons are. Give it a try!

3. Arroz con gandules

This is actually the national dish of Puerto Rico. It is called pigeon peas with rice and is made with pork, ham, bacon, chorizo, red peppers, olives and other spices to taste. Puerto Ricans have their own way of serving it to make it distinct from other cuisines. They have their secret sauce that adds flavor to the dish the Puerto Rican way. Another variation of the dish is called arroz con habichuelas. You may want to explore that dish as well.

4. Asopao

It’s a homemade chicken soup with rice. It’s a dish loved by many islanders as they usually remember their moms cooking the savory soup for them. It’s obviously a popular menu in any local restaurant in Puerto Rico and each chef has their own recipe variations with pork, shrimp, seafoods, beef or vegetables on it.

5. Fritters, Alcapurrias, Cuchifritos

These are just a few of the fried foods in Puerto Rico. It’s available in any restaurant that you may happen to sit in. Alcapurricas is like a fried turnover version. It’s perfect for an after meal or a dessert substitute. They have yam fritters called buñuelos and cheese-flavored rice fritters called almojábanas. You have lots of these selections.

So, it’s just a few days to go before Christmas! Have you thought of dishes to serve on your tables for you to feast on? C’mon, ask your grandma’s recipes for those foods. That might be a good cookbook reference. Or as we all know, moms know best! Happy Holidays!