NOTA, Sing Off Winner

I assume that many spent time watching their television on the Sing-Off finale in which NOTA was declared the champion. NOTA was the first ever winner of the sing-off competition. The other groups that competed in the said finale were Beelzebubs and the Voices of Lee. The Beelzebubs hailed from Tufts University near Boston, Mass. The group wore argyle-sweater-and-bow-tie concept attire that night. The Voices of Lee are from Lee University in Cleveland, Tenn composed of both male and female a cappella singers. The Puerto Rican boys, NOTA took home $100,000 as the grand prize of the said singing competition and not only that, they will get their way to become Sony Music’s next recording artist.

NOTA, Sing Off Champion!

About Nota

Nota is an all-male sextet group that is from San Juan, Puerto Rico. They have been sharing their love for music and that passion brought them together to form a group when they met sometime in their college years. They see the Boyz II Men, an American boy band singing sensation group as an icon where they took in their inspiration on how to sing like one. The Nota boys had Spanish language as their mother tongue. They grew up together and have improved singing their own way inspired by those American singing groups in spite of their Spanish decent. When they sing music, they try to incorporate some passionate touch on Latin music while they add genre styles like pop, R&B, fusion jazz, mellow rock, etc to it.

Sing Off Finale

The famous NBC network managed to host the Sing off singing competition that rutted a cappella groups trying to win the said contest in which Nota was declared champion. The show was hosted by Nick Lachey, an American pop singer and a former member of the boy band, 98 Degrees.

They also have amazing judges who gave a good verdict to the said competition. First on the list is the only rose among the thorns, the sexy and pretty pop singer from The Pussycat Dolls, Nicole Scherzinger. She is capable for the job and she gave in intelligent comments on her own and she never gets tongue-tied or perhaps not even at lost of words when delivering her piece of advice. Mr. Shawn Stockman from the boy band Boyz II Men made also a remarkable duty in giving valuable opinions on how to improve singing as a group. And last but not the least is the singer-pianist, Ben Folds who is such a smart guy. He got lots of inputs and it shows that he knows much on what he is doing and the show itself. The three judges are a perfect fit together. This time, unique from other singing competitions, the judges made their way to perform and sing A Cappella during the Sing Off finale along with the contestants.

Nicole Scherzinger, along with the Beelzebubs performed her sultry version of the song, “You Don’t Own Me” which is a Lesley Gore hit song in 1964. The Boyz II Men gave a couple of medley hit songs which included “End of the Road”.Ben Folds with his own rendition of “Why Can’t We Be Friends” with Nota and Beelzebubs. Other artist also graced the show like Smokey Robinson and Bobby McFerrin who also sang along with the contestants.

Nota Feature:

You may want to see the video uploaded by NOTA on “Billie Jean LoveStoned”. It is an amazing version that you should hear! This is their full version. So better watch for it!